Defeat the rabbit in Fancy Pants 2

If you enjoyed playing Fancy Pants, Fancy Pants 2 will once again entertain you. In this sequel, Fancy Pants will receive an instruction from the mayor to go after the fast and funny rabbit. The rabbit is going to steal Fancy Pants yummy treat then he will jump in a ball hole. Something new in Fancy Pants 2 is that, you are allowed to select and change the pants of Fancy Pants depending on the color of your choice.

Fancy Pants 2 (4)

But there is a little challenge before you can do that. You must unlock them first before you are allowed to use them. You are given six colors of pants to expose. The secret is, unlock them first. Look for the snail and then sink the snail in the hole. Do the same goal in every level. You will surely end up sharing this game to your family and friends.


Bake and serve Delicious Dessert in Cherry Cupcakes: Sara’s Cooking Class

Craving for some Cherry Cupcakes but you do not know how to prepare it? Let Sara guide you on how to make the perfect dessert for a sweet tooth like you. Be familiarized in the kitchen with all the ingredients and the utensils used for baking in Cherry Cupcakes: Sara’s Cooking Class. Doesn’t matter if you have no experience in baking at all, you just have to follow the instructions and voila! You can bake the most sumptuous and mouth-watering crimson cupcakes that everybody’s talking about.


You will find out that baking is just a piece of cake. Start your baking career here and you might be the next cake superstar. The goal of the game is to create a fully decorated, well-cooked cherry cupcake from the cherry paste on top to its layered cupcake. You will be handling different mixtures and setting it aside for future use. Sara will be supervising you and will tell you what to do next. There are no lives or no game overs in the game, so just have fun and relax in this casual and educational game.

Shoot the bird-firing slingshot in Angry Birds Online

Help! A group of trickster pigs stole eggs from a group of birds in an island. Little did the pigs know that these birds are not your typical sweet and delicate birds. They are birds that are made for combat and have different skills, unfortunately they cannot harness their powers and skills without your help. The birds need you in their quest to get what is theirs in Angry Birds Online. Launch exploding and turbo boosted birds into the enemy base using a gigantic slingshot and crush each and everyone of those green pigs.

Angry Birds Online (6)

Launch birds by using the mouse, left click and hold on to a loaded bird and pull it back. Different birds have different skills and powers which you can utilize on destroying the pigs’ hideout. As you go on, the pigs will make their hideouts stronger, so plan and use each of the birds effectively. Play on 4 different chapters each with 21 stages. Guide the birds to victory and get their eggs back. You will get stars after finishing a stage, by not firing the least birds possible to eliminate all pigs in a stage.

Defend civilization in Appliances Run Amuck

Are you looking for an entertaining game? Do you want a game that will help you relax and enjoy? Play the game Appliance Run Amuck and have some fun. You will be the funny looking toaster, Mr. Toaster, one of the last voices of reason. Humanity is gone, and household appliances have taken over the world. Renegade appliances want to destroy the remains of civilization.

Appliances Run Amuck (4)

Your mission is to defend civilization by taking back their greatest resource, their plugs. Each level has different tasks. You must read the introduction in each level to know the goals and instructions on how to play on that level. In some levels, you will find power-ups, some do not have. Aside from avoiding appliances, you will also have to avoid other obstacles. Take note of your energy level at the upper right side of the screen, together with the number of plugs you have collected.

Appliances Run Amuck (1)

Grow the little worm into a monster in Effing Worms 2

One living thing that we can really benefit from is the worm. It can be used as bait when fishing instead of using illegal ways or methods such as cyanide and dynamite fishing. It can also be a good source of protein when correctly processed and cleaned. They can also be characters in flash games like the one called Effing Worms 2. This is the sequel to Effing Worms 1. Obviously, this is about a worm but a different kind. The one that you will be dealing with or rather playing with in this game is not an ordinary worm but an enormous one.

Effing Worms 2 (1)

As a player, your objective is to feed it so that it will not die. Navigate and guide the enormous work from digging deep down the ground towards the place where people and animals are present. Catch the necessary amount of food needed in each level to complete the game. Just always rely on for more details about the mentioned game.

Utilize the maneuverability of the cars in Super Car Parking 2

Vehicles are very integral to most of us because of one main reason or purpose which is transportation. But others go to the limit and extend their hobbies into passions such as collecting vintage or expensive cars even if they don’t need that much. Do you know that there is a game related to the previous statement about expensive cars? Yes, there is. The name of the game is Super Car Parking 2.

This is already the second installment so things are improved. Obviously, you will be dealing with parking situations using a challenging vehicle which is a fast car. Your main objective in this game is to park the super car on the designated area without damages or damaging other vehicles and make sure that you are on time. The most challenging part is that there is a time limit in each level so you have to be aware of that.


Free the villagers in Bomb Besieger

Bomb Besieger is the first edition or installment from the game series with the same title. This is a game about utilization of bombs to win or be successful in the game’s objective. But before we move on to further details, let us quickly tackle the importance of a first edition. There are two important points. First is because of the fact that it will be the one starting everything from the game series such as story and game play. Second is because of the fact that it will set the benchmark for comparison as the series progresses.

Bomb Besieger (2)

The story in this inaugural edition is that the villagers who once live peacefully have been captured by the evil knights. Your role in this game is to be the bomb besieger who must utilize the given bombs to kill or defeat the evil knights. There are 36 enjoyable levels that you can indulge.

Crash zombies into pieces with Earn to Die 3 Unblocked

Zombies are usual characters that we see or witness in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. There are three reasons why they are very popular or commonly incorporated in the mentioned mediums. First is because of the mystery that still surrounds them even up to this day. Second is because of the entertainment effect that they have which is perfect for the aesthetics of the mediums they have been incorporated in. Last is because of the thrill and chills that they give to different audiences and gamers. This article presents a flash game that is all about zombies. It is called Earn to Die 3 Unblocked.


Do you have an idea why it has an “unblocked” word on it? This is because of the fact that it can now be played in different platforms unlike before that it is only played through computers. The mission of the players who will be engaging with this particular game is to crash zombies into pieces to earn enough coins. Don’t forget to find the safe haven to reunite with other survivors. For enrichment purposes, go to the site now!

Collect the cheese in Bat and Mouse 2

Animals are creatures that have special value in this world which is why people should take good care of them, give them respect and appreciate their existence. We should not abuse them or neglect them because they are created equally as we are created by God. Animals are great theme or characters incorporated in different entertainment mediums because of two things. First is because of their appearance and second is because of their characteristics. In fact, this article presents a flash game that you will surely love. The name of the game is Bat and Mouse 2.

Bat and Mouse 2 (2)

This is the second installment from the game series with the same title. This has been serving tremendous entertainment since 2005. If you want to engage with this game, you should be aware of the goal that you are going to achieve. You will play as the mighty mouse who must collect cheese as many as you can while preventing or avoiding the bat and other weapons trying to destroy you. Make sure that you are quick in moving and running to be successful in this game.

Enjoy running and jumping in Fancy Pants

If you are looking for a game to relax a little bit, try playing Fancy Pants. Help the funny-looking spikey-haired stick man wearing bell-bottom pants in his quest for fun and excitement. As you run, jump, roll and slide, you must collect as many swirls as you can to get a high score. But be careful! For as you run, you will speed up and might bump into spiders or cannon shooters. Bumping into them will cost you your precious life.


You only have three lives. If you die the third time, then the game is over. The game consists of a lot of levels, hidden bonus rooms within each level. You might find hidden trophies and treasures in those bonus rooms. Fancy Pants is a simple yet very entertaining game. It will sure be challenging enough for you to surpass each level.